one piece cutting

Following a discussion on A Dress a Day on 13th April about a gorgeous Schiaparelli pattern, I got thinking about one piece cutting. Cutting a garment with the minimum of seams is usually a couture technique as it uses a lot of fabric. As well as this lovely dress pattern, I have been looking at a 1950s jacket in a local vintage shop that is cut all on one piece. I haven’t got a pictures, but its cropped boxy 50s style with round collar and single button at the centre collarbone and 3/4 sleeves. The jacket is in lovely pink/ silvery silk brocade. Stunning. I’m going back for another look.
Likewise, I was recently lucky enough to have a study of a 1935 dress made by Charles James for Anne Messel, Countess of Rosse, at Brighton Museum, which has amazingly complex cut – which I know you can’t see on this picture, but I do intend to experiment with this idea. There is also a top in the collection which is made on similar principles.

Let me know what you think

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