I am supposed to be taking photos of Brighton (where I live) for an article in Popular Patchwork. Every day in the last week that it has been sunny, I have been at work out of town. Whenever I am working at home (about 5 days a week) the weather is dull. Today we had fog. Real grey dismal winter sea fog. I sat at my desk watching it roll down the street. The air is so wet that the trees are dripping, like after a rain storm. It is very weird.

So this evening I had to force myself out to my knitting group – Brighton Stitch and Bitch, which was a lot more fun than watching the fog. I finished off my weepod cosy in lime green cashmere, that matches my bedsocks.

I started on a knitted bag in this style but in creamy white, which lots of people have suggested would make good wedding bags. I think I will trim it in vintage lace and line with a pretty Liberty print.

I also finally got started on a coat made from these two fabrics, as a sample to go on my website. The main fabric is a vintage waffle weave cotton print in amazing zingy colours. I’m lining it in the bright turquoise. Its an adapted commercial pattern so it will be an experiment to see how it works.

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