Tie One On April

Take a look at my super cute apron for Tie One On – the theme was yellow and white. I would normally never even look at yellow without feeling ill, but I just happened to have some from a stash of old fabrics given to me by my lovely friend Amanda. This stash was part of the contents of her in-laws old fabric shop and had some choice pieces, including a very tatty but charming vintage apron, from which I made the pattern for this one. I added a line of stitching down the centre of the pocket which stops it drooping when full of stuff – I like this style when I am running workshops so I can keep scissors and glue about my person as I run around the room from student to student. Otherwise I run twice as far as I am always going back for whatever it is I / they need.

I wanted to make it a little funkier so I added a broad sash which ties in a big crisp bow at the back, and made it a huge yellow corsage purely because I love making corsages and most things are improved by the addition of one. The broderie anglaise has a design of little half-pears.
Having figured out the pattern – the bias binding gave me a little trouble, I plan to make myself one that is more me in something bright and clashing, like red and purple with some sort of silly trim around the edge. Maybe some extra pockets in their somewhere too, for secret things…

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