Shopping goodies

I had a great day or two shopping last week, on the prowl for nice vintage things.
While in London for a meeting I popped into a charity shop and fell upon some vintage knitting patterns. Its rare to find pre-60s patterns cheaply, these were £1.50 and 75p, so I was really pleased. Not that I knit anything this complicated. The bedjacket pattern book is Australian and dates from WWII but I’m not sure about the other one. I think its probably 1940s too. I love the little cross-over jacket and will try and make one for my godson. More pics on Flickr.

In Lewes last week I went straight for the vintage shops to stock up on fabric. Its never cheap, so it has to be good stuff. The turquoise patterned stuff is a rayon type of fabric with a silky feel. I think this might become a draped top. The pink floral cotton is a piece from the skirt of a dress and has a funny bite taken out of it. There should be enough to make a kimono-style wrap top, trimmed with a contrasting plain fabric. The purply one is a bedspread in a shot-rayon fabric. Its got quite a lot of marks so I think I will probably just use it as a bedspread, with some applique or something like that.

I also got an amazing apron, but more of that tomorrow!

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