Apron Heaven

Since I discovered Tie One On a few weeks ago, I have been thoroughly re-energised in my apron fixation. I have always loved them and honestly had no idea that anyone else understood it. So it was fantastic to discover that other people are equally (if not more) obsessed than I. Last year I designed and made a wearable-art apron. At least, that’s the best definition I can come up with for it. Its part of an outfit I designed, but I haven’t made the rest of the garments yet! So really its a layer to wear with other things. An overskirt maybe? But in the form of an apron. I love it, not sure if anyone else will! I haven’t worn it, not sure if it is for wearing or displaying. We’ll see.
Apologies for the appalling photograph, its not easy to do. It needs to be seen worn I think.

I also want to show off the two aprons I have bought recently. The black one I got in a charity shop before Christmas. I saw this bit of black lace in a pile, made a dive, opened it out and rushed to the till before anyone else got chance to see what a supreme find I had. I don’t think anyone else knew how old it is! You just don’t get exciting or even old stuff in most charity shops these days. Just a couple of days before I had been reading a mid-19th century sewing manual (as you do) and there were instructions for making a black silk apron with simple pink floral embroidery. And that’s just what this is, with the additions of some lace.I coulnd’t believe my luck and have been feeling very proud ever since. It’s great to have an appreciative audience to share it with! And yes, I will wear it, once I’ve worked out the right outfit and right occasion…

And there is more… as I mentioned yesterday, I was vintage shopping in antique shops the other day. I was looking at a bundle of 50s cotton aprons, deciding if they were worth £5 each (you that get them for a few dollars are sooo lucky) and I spotted a little bundle of cotton and embroidery. Pulled it out and wow! it was this lovely maid’s apron. It’s in almost perfect condition, really beautifully made, fine cotton lawn with blalck silk embroidery. Much better made than the black one, which was obviously a home-made job. This one was surely made by a professional or expert seamstress. Its so pretty. And I love anything 19th century. It wasn’t cheap, £10, but I knew it was worth it. The shape and the ruffles are inspiring me. I have ideas…. and I’ll keep you posted. More pics on Flickr.

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