Finishing things

I love to finish things. I really like to see things done. So I have been rather frustrated today as I haven’t been able to finish the many things I have on the go. Two felt bags need another wash to be ready to go off for exhibition and I need olive green bias binding to complete an apron. Just haven’t had the time today to go out and get it. BUT, yesterday I finished the article on Peggy Angus for Selvedge and sent it off!
I’m looking forward to finishing my month-long project in Basingstoke too, so I can stop getting up at 6am on Saturdays. The project culminates in running a craft workshop at a festival on Sunday. In a school playing field. In a plastic gazebo. In the rain. There is going to be a lot of damp felt….

I’m sorting out a collection of 8 bags to go be shown at the Craft Gallery in Leeds. They have asked for 2 styles – Lambkin, the felt ones, and Jacob, the knitted ones. I’ve been trying to come up with a nice collection that looks good together and look summery. So I’ve made new pinky felt ones, which I will show you once they are finished, and have chosen 4 of my stock of Jacobs. Like a little flock of Jacob sheep in my studio. Only sheep don’t have sequins or handles. Also one of them is blue, which is not a common sheep-shade. Anyway, I hung them all up along one of the long shelves in my studio to consider everyday and I have narrowed it down I think.
One day, when I get around to it, I plan to hang handbags all over one wall in my living room. I have so many pretty ones that sit in a box mostly. They need to get out and party together.

Plenty of things to be started and finished in a short space of time. Like a smock for Tie One On for the end of the month. A plan is formulating… a plan of many pockets, inspired by Erin at A Dress A Day‘s fixation with pockets. And I am trying to be good and not buy new fabric for it. I have just ordered 8 metres of aubergine-coloured needlecord for my living room curtains! These curtains have been long in gestation. I bought a lovely chrome pole in the January sale and then had to buy an electric drill to put it up. Still not done… and then had to choose the right fabric, but just as I decided it was to be cord, it all vanished from the shops. But some tips over at Threads pointed me at Cheap and the rest is history. Next thing is to make them. And decide exactly how I am going to make them. Can’t just have plain curtains. I don’t do plain. So some kind of applique??? They are going to have cerise pink linings, so my neighbours will get to appreciate that. But I am still not sure about my side. But I tend to get my inspiration with the cloth in front of me, so a bit of playing around and I will work it out. At least now its spring I have got a few months to faff about with it before I really need lined cord curtains! There may be some rather more urgent things in the way…

One thought on “Finishing things

  1. Your wall of handbags idea is very similar to my DREAM!! My dream is to own a house in which I have one large room to devote to my shoes and purses! There will be dark wood shelves with glass front cabinet doors…like a library…which leads into my other DREAM!!! 🙂

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