As I said before I am obsessed with finishing things. Happily, I completed the yellow and green apron yesterday, along with some bags to go off to a gallery today and some purses for an accessories party my friend is hosting for me in Edinburgh next weekend. And today the finishing activity has been applications and invoices and all that dull but necesssary stuff.

The bags for the Craft Gallery and Design Centre in Leeds include these four knitted lovelies and four recycled felt bags including this peachy angora one which I love and uses one of the lovely flower buttons I bought a few weeks ago. I’ve put in a detail of the cream knitted one. I mentioned this weeks ago when I started it. I think I might change the design slightly, going back to garter stitch rather than stocking stitch, like the rest of the bags. Needs a thicker yarn too, but I have some lovely natural cream rovings which would be perfect for this.

I’m currently knitting a large amount of lime green cotton into a blanket for a babe due in November. I have never been so organised with friends’ babies. This is purely accidental as I started it as a blanket for me, then heard about the pregnancy and changed the outcome! I’m visiting my friend Gillian next week in Scotland, to meet my godson for the first time. He’s about 9 months old now, and I feel very guilty for not having made ANYTHING for him yet. So I am taking stuff with me to make there, to ensure a perfect fit. That’s my excuse anyway.
And congratulations to Gillian for recent sales of her amazing work!

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