Not smock

If you have come over from Treehugger then just scroll down to see the cushions. Thanks for visiting!

For everyone else, I have confessions. I planned to make a smock for Tie One On for the May challenge, but alas I have failed. I had several ideas, but none of them really worked out in my head. Also none of my fabric was calling “make me into a smock!” (and I resist buying new fabric except for real paid work!). Second confession is that I have signed up to Wardrobe Refashion. This is nothing shocking to admit, but I feel a bit of a fraud. The aim is to stop buying new clothes and refashion old ones of your own or second-hand. No problem with this. That’s the thing. I do this anyway. I do after all teach classes in customising clothing. I very rarely buy anything new these days. So it is hardly a brave undertaking to vow to stay away from the sale rails for 6 months. But there is a challenge to it still – I have to actually refashion some of the old junk lying around, rather than just not buy anything new. So hopefully you will be seeing some new and improved old stuff soon. Maybe things I have helped people make in workshops can count?!

Yesterday I had a lovely treat of free reign in someone’s linen cupboard. A friend asked me to help him clear his parent’s house by taking away some of the linen. WOW! his mother was Swiss so I knew there would be some fine old linens, and indeed there were. Lots of hand embroidered monogrammed sheets which are stunning. Also some nice bits of old blanket fabric which I shall dye and felt inspired by this. One day…
And the best treat of all, which was entirely unexpected, was a vast cache of vintage aprons!!! What joy. I’ve been too busy to unpack them, let alone photograph them, so that’s next week’s treat. I’ve already forgotten what else is in the crates so it will be another adventure unpacking it all. That’s next week’s fun.

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