On my travels

I’m starting to wonder if I should invent some new type of speed-blogging in order to get something up here even when I have no time at all. The last week of silence has mostly been to do with being in Scotland for a few days, plus some of the usual overwork. But Scotland is more fun to talk about. It was wonderful to see my gorgeous godson at last. I forgot to ask his mum if she would mind me putting a pictures of him up here so none as yet. But instead a waterfall and some of the masses of bluebells that are still in flower all over this bit of Scotland. (can you see blueness in the picture? Hope so)

I love bluebells and didn’t get to see as many as I wanted during the southern season in May. In the Scottish hills they cover huge swathes of hillside and fill the air with than wonderful smell. Very few things lift the spirits like bluebells. Though selling my work is a close second! A friend held a little party in her flat in Edinburgh and I sold plenty of bags and scarves and corsages, which made it an especially nice weekend. Lots of walks in the woods and lovely meals and wine and gossip, so a splendid weekend in all.
And back home I have to unpack the huge mountain of vintage fabric I was given over the weekend! And I still haven’t looked in the crates I collected last week. I am quite overwhelmed with it all! But I did get time to open a teeny package from Canada this evening containing some nice buttons and a maple leaf pendant from Heather. Thank you!

The railings picture is just something I like the look of. I am nurturing an idea for a project to do with folk art and these railings may become part of that one day. I also took some pictures of gravestones but mabye that is too weird. I’ll explain it all one day when it is officially a plan, rather than just crazy ideas!

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