Woefully inadequate

It’s over a week since I had chance to post, and yet, I feel I have nothing new to say. I tend to feel that this blog is for me to tell you about things I have made, bought, seen, done- in the textile and fashion line only. And truth be told, sometimes I just don’t have time to do anything textiley interesting. Or at least if I do, I am not around in daylight in order to photograph it! But normal service will be resumed this week, following my two jaunts. I am recently back from 5 days in Wales. Well, 2 days driving to and from Wales and 3 days actually in Wales. It was hot and sunny! I know this is unfair, but it does mostly seem to rain in Wales. Scotland last week was pretty good too. Its marvellous! How very English to talk about the weather, but it is important! The heatwave has just ended and today has been very very grey. But back to Wales. It was wonderful to spend time in lush green hills and paddle in the River Dee. I wanted to swim, but was not equipped and there were a lot of sheep watching… I made two wonderful evening drives over Horseshoe pass through the mountains and got all wistful for countryside and real open space. The south-east is all very tame and London-centric and the rest of the UK is full of such amazing wild spaces, even if they are only relatively tiny (thinking of readers who live in seriously big countries!).
Despite all that physical space I spent 3 days solidly in the company of other people, which I really am not used to anymore, since I started working on my own and became seriously anti-social, so I had to go and walk in the woods on my own sometimes! But I did have a great time with the Robinson family on the adventure playground.

I spent today back in the real world of work, doing a day of corsage-making demonstrations and talks to 14-15 year old girls in a school in Portsmouth. The rest of the week I will try and catch up on orders and admin and many millions of other things.
I can’t post without showing some pictures, so finally here are some shots of the best work made by the family learning project participants during our May workshops, organised by The Making.

And I finally got some pictures of the dress I made for myself to wear to my friend’s wedding – eighteenth century style. The green dress is an overdress based on a 1790s pattern, with a few tweaks. There was supposed to be an underdress too, but I ran out of time and wore it with a plain black skirt. Though I did discover as the night wore on that it was just about long enough to wear on its own on the dancefloor! Well, I may be proved wrong by some other photos if anyone caught it on camera….
So the dress is high-waisted with a wrap-over front. The neckline shaping is made by little buttons with looped braids from the inside. The back waistline is slightly higher cut with the skirt pleated in the centre. Oh I do love pleats! Read back a few weeks if you really want to hear me talk endlessly about pleats. But back to the dress. The back is cut in the narrow seaming style used for Regency dresses and the sleeves are quite deeply set in. I love the diamond-shape effect this cut has on the back. And by the way, it is billowing in the breeze, I am not that shape really. But yes, it is actually me. Thanks Gill for the photos.

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