No sew…

Yet another day has slipped by without a needle and thread passing through my hands. It is deeply frustrating to have made so little for so long. Though at the weekend, while I was being a medieval silkwoman for the weekend I made some linen socks! It will talk far too long to explain this here, see this site for an idea of what I get up to. The one in the rust-coloured dress is me, some years ago!

I did have some clothes-related fun though, and true to Wardrobe Refashion I went to Oxfam and bought a long linen smock-type top, though I am not sure how much refashioning I will do to it. I really must refashion something soon, or I will be thrown out! I see that the month’s challenge is to refashion a men’s shirt. This is good as I got half way through such a project many months ago, and now its the season at last to wear it. And its green!
I enjoyed going out in my turnip skirt today and causing a few funny looks. I try my best. But less blogging and more sewing, I’m off to the sewing machine now, stuff the washing up.

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