This one is for Heather

I have at last finished the braids for a bracelet Heather has commissioned from me. I kept starting them when I had company and making mistakes. Once you have made a mistake in one of these braids it is almost impossible to correct it. These are worked in gold thread, and it tangles and twists and tries to escape all the time, leading to a lot of shouting and swearing. And the metal thread cuts my fingers. So these 4 tiny braids have taken a LONG time. Heather is being very patient!

The braiding technique is called fingerloop, and is a medieval technique- this is what I was doing in Wales last weekend, if you recall. You can find out more about this, and other obessively time-consuming silkwork techniques here.

I just want to point out that this picture was taken on a white background. This is what my camera does now. It has really had it. Am scared to spend hundreds of pounds on a new one, but it really needs doing urgently. I have to make and photograph an apron next week for a new craft book I am contributing to (more details soon) and the blueness will really not do!

Otherwise I have been sat at my computer working on proposals and projects. But its knitting group this evening, so some creative time at last!

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