Not the hopping and skipping kind of way, but the acquiring useful things from skips way. Well, not exactly. Skips these days don’t tend to have anything exciting in them, though I usually get cross about the amount of recyclable stuff going into landfill. I consdidered heaving an extra large ironing board out of one recently, but it was too buried, and I was too self-conscious. It was midday, opposite a park and on a driveway. A bit too public for humiliating oneself trying to climb into a skip. Anyway, the skipping I did last night, on the way back from knitting group was much easier. Around here there are lots of giant communal bins for the flat-dwellers, and furniture and other random stuff is often left next to them to be taken away by some happy person. People do the same thing on the street outside their flats. I’ve done quite well like this, though I wish I hadn’t left a chair on the street once by mistake… I picked up an ugly but useful set of plastic drawers, about 4′ high. I’ve seen lots of pictures of craft rooms with these and thought how useful they would be. But I don’t buy plastic if I can possibly help it, and I don’t buy ugly furniture unless I can disguise it. But I can recycle. So ugly and plastic, but very very necessary, as the sewing table is drowning under boxes and piles of buttons and ribbon and sequins and millions of other things. All I have to do now is find space to get it in the door. Which I will be able to once I have unpacked the crates of fabric I was given a few weeks ago. These are slowly going through the wash and now are waiting to be ironed. It may be some time. But we make progress and progress makes me happy.

Other things that make me happy: finishing TWO funding applications in as many days. Hurrah. Well, today’s was really an exhibition application. I’m loathe to say too much about it, in case I don’t get it. But briefly, my cunning plan is to create a new body of work comprising wearable garments from hand-constructed fabrics. These will be created using my favourite traditional techniques with a modern twist (like pleating, applique and shadow-work), and doing some courses in new (old) things to incorporate – like needlelace, stumpwork, patchwork and quilting. And I will do my inspiration research in museum collections, looking particularly at folk art. I’m so excited about it. I will have to come up with some other way of doing it, if I don’t get this one. The folk art thing includes the gravestones I mentioned the other day. And here are some railings too, along the same lines.

Hmm. Want to do this project NOW. But I can’t, masses of other things to do first. Starting with my dinner. I have sweet potatoes roasting in the oven. I keep thinking about starting a food blog, as food is probably my main hobby since I started making things for a living! Alas, I wouldn’t have time to eat if I tried to fit in any more things into my rather full life!

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