Happy snapper

Oh wow! I have a new camera at last. It is wonderful. I have been taking photos of all sorts of random things, just for practice. I haven’t read the instructions yet, so I am using about 2% of it’s capabilities, but it’s just so fun to play with.
I have been doing other things too. I continue to sort the stash. One of the little treasures that turned up in a box was this lovely beaded motif. I can’t decide what should become of it. Ideally it should be placed on a fabulous garment in a Paul Poiret style, either on a coat or a dress. I can’t find an image of the wonderful dress of his on disply in the V&A Fashion Gallery, but it’s a very simple dress with a big beaded motif right in the centre of the stomach. All very well if you are a 1923 shape, but I am not. I think it’s destined for a coat. (The coat in this link isn’t by Poiret, but it’s the style I am thinking of.)

While I was out camera shopping, I scoured the charity shops of Burgess Hill, which were pretty fruitful, and there will be more to come. One bargain was this orange tablecloth, posed here with my favourite cookbook, as the colours match so well. I think this fabric will become aprons.

Several more aprons have come out of the boxes, including this cute gingham one, which reminds me of the one I made at primary school and sewed to my skirt. A sewing natural, even at the ages of 6, clearly….
This one is rather nicer, the pocket detail is just fantastic.

I’ve also been good about my dress-urge and went through the pile of stuff for remaking, and finally repaired this lovely dress.
I bought this years and years ago from a hippy market stall. It’s really fine silk which is starting to perish, but it’s so lovely, even though it’s badly made, because the fabric is so stunning. It’s the nicest thing to wear when it’s really hot too.

I tried on several charity shop dresses, including one from Laura Ashley’s 50s style range they did a few years ago. It made me look like Grayson Perry’s Claire. I didn’t buy it…

Finished off these trousers for my mum, too, from stash fabric. They don’t look too good hung up like this, but they are nice linen really.

One thought on “Happy snapper

  1. Hi Ruth, Just found your blog and have taken a peak at your work – Wow! You are so talented. I loved the riding jacket in particular. Thanks for linking my blog. I will be sure to drop by regularly and see what you are doing!

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