Goodness and badness

Didn’t have a good day yesterday. I went to pick up my car to take it into the garage for repairs, and found all four tyres flat, presumably vandalised. I’m waiting to find out how much that will all cost, along with the repairs it was going to have anyway. Not the way to start the week! So at least there was something nice in the post when I got home… this fabric from Cherrymomma arrived! Happy happy me! I ordered it before I took the Refashion pledge, so it doesn’t count!

This afternoon I am off to do medieval textile things for a corporate evening at the Tower of London. Before that I have to revise text for a museum website and make an apron. I love that freelance work is quite so varied! Sometimes I wish that I could just get on with one thing for a while, but I know that I need variety in my life, so I embrace the chaos and continue to practice the art of doing 8 projects at the same time!

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