Knights in shining armour

Yes really.
This is us at the Tower of London. We were the entertainment for an accountancy company corporate party! The crafts section got very little interest from the sea of suits, but as usual the jousting went down a treat. And the free champagne went down us quite well too. I’m the one in the orangey (badly-fitting and in need of taking-in) dress.

Finished off the apron I’m making for a book today. Here is a sneak preview, but better not show you the whole thing until it’s been published! I think it’s due out in October.

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However, I have got some publications coming sooner than that. A short article in Selvedge due out in early July. If you love textiles and don’t know selvedge, then you MUST have a look, it’s fantastic, full of lovely pretty pictures. If you do decide to get a subscription, PLEASE tell me first as we can both get a good deal!
Second publication in July is in Popular Patchwork, which my friend Gillian is features editor for. This one is an article about where to go fabric shopping in Brighton. Looking forward to seeing both of these in print in the same month!

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