Lots happening at the moment. Am hugely frustrated that this coincides with a stunning heatwave! I am, quite possibly, even busier than usual, but the heat just makes it hard to find the motivation to work. What is worse is that my sewing room is really hot and just turning the iron on makes it worse! But I snuck away to the beach this afternoon for a couple of hours to cool off.

This picture was taken in the spring – it was nothing like this today – hoards of people, rubbish and noise, but the sea was refreshing and the pebbles hot. And infinitely better than being indoors all day. I wish I had a garden…. But I am not going to moan about it being too hot, only to moan in a few months about it being too cold. I love the heat, just hate having to work and / or travel in it!

So yes, the many things happening. I am preparing for a course this weekend for visually impaired people, which will be braiding and plaiting and tassel-making, using textured yarns. This will be a fun challenge and will combine some of my current textiles work with my previous work. Years ago when I worked in London Transport Museum I was instrumental in setting up a programme of events for visually impaired and deaf visitors and really enjoyed putting together touch tours and events using the museum objects. I was initially really nervous, having very little experience, but a little training and a lot of thought, practice, advice and feeback and I found I really enjoyed it, and apparently, was pretty good at it. So I hope that I can delve back to that experience and make the most of it for the people I will teach this weekend.

Secondly I am preparing stock and display things for Cabbages and Frocks – a fashion and food market. This sounds a wonderful combination to me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of my profits go straight to my stomach! It’s in Hampstead, London, Sunday 23rd July 11-6 and it would be lovely to see any of you there. I’ll be there on 30th July too.

And as if that wasn’t enough, I am teaching this course next week. (places still available, book now!) I’ve got to get cracking sorting out my samples and making new ones in the next couple of days. I’m really looking forward to this course, it should be really exciting.

So I really should whizz off and get sewing again – the machine has stopped behaving quite so badly, so fingers crossed it will make it to the end of the week and go for a little TLC at Brighton Sewing Centre.

Let me know what you think

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