Finished product friday

Lots of other people blog about their work in progress on a friday. I never remember to take pictures of work in progress, mainly as my sewing room is dark and far too messy to be seen. So instead you get a finished product, because I love finishing things!

These booties are a much overdue present for my godson who is 10 months old. Which reminds me, it’s his older brother’s birthday any day now, so should get on the case of that too. If their mum is reading this, well, these booties wont be a surprise….

They are 100% recycled, lambswool felt and vintage ric-rac, and the wool for the pom poms was bought second hand. More pics on Flickr.

I started these weeks ago, and it’s taken til the last couple of days to find the pom pom makers. Now I have these makers, I can’t go back to making pom poms the old way with circles of card, much too annoying! I might well get into mass pom pom making. Once I have a small mountain of them I will decide what to do with them…

Other good news today – I have got all the luck this week and have just heard that I have also got a grant from the Arts Council! This is for more professional development including my stand at Origin and a training course at Cockpit Arts over the next year. So I am very pleased and rewarded myself with half a day off this morning and a lie in with Radio 4 and then finished a book (My Antonia, byt Willa Cather, kindly lent by my mum).

Celebrations over by lunchtime and normal service resumed with a trip to town to buy supplies for the course next week and ones the week after.. and something to show sale bits in at the market this sunday. I went for a basket and came home with this giant bowl (about 50cm diameter).

I fell in love with punched stainless steel pots when I was in India a few years ago. I couldn’t carry as much home as I wanted, so it’s wonderful to be able to buy them in Brighton. Still cheap but not quite as astonishingly cheap as in India. I bought a tiny one too, not sure there was any business purpose in that, but it was only 80p!

I’m teaching and selling flat out for the next 10 days, so I doubt there will be lots of blogging, but rest assured I will have something new to say / show at some point in the next week.

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