Saturday night fever

mmmm. It’s a warm summer saturday night, parties are pounding and barbeques are belching smoke and I am working. As usual. This is the nature of running your own small craft business. I spent the day teaching braiding at the local arts centre, which was great fun. Then I came home to prepare for the market I am doing tomorrow. I have packed and priced the stock, loaded furniture into the car, prepared postcards, leaflets, float, display materials, new portfolio, mailing list book… the list is endless. I still have more to do and it’s a very early start in the morning and a two hour drive into London. Why am I doing this??

But I had nice post this morning – notification of sales at Leeds Craft Gallery. It’s always nice to sell things. Oh yes, that is why I am doing this, because selling things is FANTASTIC! Hope I’ll sell lots tomorrow and that will make up for my boring Saturday night!

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