My tomato plants are bringing me great joy this week. The rest of life is being a bit hard work, but I am delighted with these two scraggy car-boot-sale tomato plants that lived in yoghurt pots for weeks and have flourished since I finally potted them in my window box. They are growing down the front of the house, in the window, all over the other plants and generally being very boisterous. It’s been years since I had a proper garden and grew lots of things. I miss it hugely, particulary in this hot weather. I miss having my breakfast outside and seeing what new things have come up, died back or just changed in the last 24 hours. So now I get to see what is going on in the window box while I have breakfast. Not quite the same, but better than nothing! The geraniums from my Grandad are just about to start their second flowering and there are weeny tomato fruits – one less as I pulled one off in my keeness to explore what was happening halfway down the front of the house… Growing things is really good for the soul.

I wish I hadn’t rambled so much on Saturday about the joys of selling things. Sunday’s market was deathly quiet and no buyers passed my way at all. It was a bit of a blow. It’s just grim. I was going to keep quiet about it, but I am trying to be honest in this blog about how damn hard it is to run a small creative business on your own. So yes, I was miserable, but being an eternal optimist, I shall hope for better things this sunday. It’s the last week of the market before the summer break, so things are slowing down generally. Finger’s crossed for a better day.

On the plus side, I am teaching a class all week in London- which means a lot of travelling – but the students are lovely and it’s been great fun. I am in awe of people who teach full time. I am a person with lots of energy and loves teaching but my god, I find it exhausting!
But it has been a treat to spend 2 days working with the same people and to have 2 more days with them, and to see them so inspired and excited by what they are learning. It’s a lot more satisfying than one-day courses. Though a lovely woman who came to my handbag making course a few weeks ago has also come along to this and it’s great to see her confidence and skills growing all the time. After the last course she was almost in tears about how much she had learned and what an amazing creative journey it was for her. That’s the sort of reaction I want from my students!

Here is one pic of my stand at the market. I think it looks pretty and tempting. Shame no-one else did!

Hmm. blogger doesn’t like uploading pictures tonight, so see them here

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