More nice stuff

I haven’t got anything new to show today, so here is another lovely piece of work by one of my students.

This dress is by Debz and features fab suffolk puffs (or yo-yos for Americans) made of suede. What a great idea of hers to do them in suede. Suffolk puffs were one of the most popular things I taught in this class and they appeared in many guises. It inspired me to start working on things made with them. Well, I got 3 circles drawn out, that’s as far as it got! They are just the sort of traditional textile work that I love. One of my students also got experimenting with some smocking, which was great. It’s something I mean to do but never quite get round to.

The market yesterday was as bad as last week…. thanks for supportive comments! It just wasn’t the right place for my products – there were only two designer-makers there, the rest being mainly imported clothes and jewellery. Though I did meet Audrey who makes fabulous hats and corsages which I was looking at all day!

As it was so quiet I got plenty of knitting done – pics shortly- and more work done on the jelly bean embroidery (as it is now known).
And I got to gorge myself on blackberriess fresh from my friend’s garden. I LOVE summer fruit and have been really lucky in the last few weeks – blackcurrants, rhubarb and now blackberries, as well as greengages in the shops. Happy me.

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