Too tired for snappy title…

I’ve had a long but enjoyable day running the first day of a two-day handbag-making course at the V&A. Second one next week. Nice students as always, and some interesting ideas coming out. It was a early start though!
I’m back there this weekend to run a drop-in workshop in the garden – sunshine permitting – making very simple applique scarves using felt on muslin. The weekend is a celebration of Turkish design, so the applique templates are based on motifs from Iznik ceramics. It’s been fun doing nice simple designs and using lovely bright colours. I should have a photo…. tomorrow maybe.

But instead a progress on knitting shot. The baby blanket moves along at quite a pace – mainly due to 2 quiet days at craft fairs and not a lot else to do. Did a bit more embroidery too, but that is a bit unmanageable without a table. I’m pleased with how this is turning out. It’s loosely based on the baby blanket in Stitch and Bitch and the cotton yarn is really lovely and soft.
I collected and paid for my sewing machine tonight – but it’s in storage until I have sorted out where to put it. Boy, it’s heavy… thanks Sam!

5 thoughts on “Too tired for snappy title…

  1. Sounds like a great day, I’d have LOVED to come to classes like yours when I was younger (still would actually).Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I’m meant to not be replying (ill health etc) but I always like to check out the blog of new commenters and yours is great.I looked breifly at your website – oh my god – that felt jacket!!!!!! Your work is EXACTLY the kind of thing I ADORE. We are clearly inspired by the same things, difference is, you have the skill to actually make properly, I’ve lost it completely in the last ten years. You should see the mess I made recently trying to alter my oversized clothes to make a unique wedding outfit. Well, it certainly is unique, uniquely ruined.I’ll be mentioning you on my blog for sure, your work is bloomin gorgeous!Right, I’m off now to check out the link you gave for your friend.

  2. Forgot to ask, is it ok to post pics of a few of your pieces on my blog? I’m thinking the felt coat, orhanza necklace and maybe one other.

  3. Of course you can use my images – I would be delighted! Glad you like my work too. I had the same problem with making / altering new clothes when I lost tonnes of weight. well done though.

  4. Woops, major spelling errors on previous attempt!Just wanted to say thanks Ruth. I’m not sure when I’ll be posting on my blog but you’ll be on it when I do. Off now to hand sew a silk blouse having just munched the other one up in my sewing machine! Eeeek.

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