My morning was spent on the training course working on the very start of a business plan. The first couple of hours was all about using diaries to plan, making lists and being organised. I found this a bit tedious because I am already several stages ahead of this one. I could not have held down a proper job for years if I couldn’t plan and organise! It is harder to organise your own work, particularly when it involves several different jobs, as mine does at the moment, but I always did jobs where I had loads of different projects on the go and constant deadlines and lots of working with other people. If anything, I plan too much, expect to get more done than is possible, and overstretch myself!
I have already got most of a draft business plan together, and am so far, sticking to it and not changing my mind too much about what I want to do! But today’s exercises were really useful in allowing me time to think about it again, in a clear head space – not at my desk with a huge list of urgent things to do… So it has been useful and productive. I hope that I can capitalise on it soon and get this business plan a bit further on. I will try…. but the next few months are looking quite full aready, and I have just seen adverts for more exhibitions and shows to apply for, so I might fill up any potential spare time!
This is the month of events, teaching and project managing. I went to help out at one of the archive events I have been managing, and that went pretty well. So did the one yesterday!

Enough of my business-world, here is a pretty picture too. Nice vintage fabrics that I grovelled and begged for from someone I was working with. I offered to buy it from her and in the end she just gave it to me! Thanks Jenny!

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