Phew. I’ve not really recovered from the weekend of workshops. Sunday was just as busy as Saturday.
Running a workshop for that many people single-handed is not my idea of a fun weekend! Well, it was nice really – out in the garden, mostly very nice kids. I can’t say that about the parents. It really was a test of my patience to not scream at the ones who grabbed all the ‘best’ materials for their kids, then left without saying thank you and leaving all their rubbish all over the floor. It’s a free workshop for heaven’s sake. Be a teeny bit grateful, please? Moan over. It looks nice though, doesn’t it?

I’ll be doing it all over again in a few weeks time, but making Persian carpets this time. Well, clearly not real carpets – fabric squares coloured in with sequins stuck on. Pretty low-level stuff. I’ll be doing much the same on Saturday morning near Portsmouth with Making Space.

After my course on Friday I had a think about organising my time better. I know really I should blog less, but it is great to make such inspiring connections around the world. What I did decide was to start the day making and not turning on the computer, so I don’t spend all day doing admin. It still needs doing, but it feels better if I make something first! It worked well today, though I wasn’t very together, having slept really badly. I will show the fruits of my labour tomorrow, as it’s too dark to photograph them now.
I’m planning to make an entire new summer dress tomorrow morning, to wear for my cousin’s wedding which I shall arrive late to on Saturday (after said workshop!). I may arrive even later if I haven’t finished the dress!

The reason for the new dress (do I need a reason?) is that I want to wear one of my stock scarves and I need something other than black to wear it with. The scarf is getting it’s own publicity too – appearing on the Crafts Council website section for Origin, just gone up today.

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