Frill seeker

I failed. I failed to make a dress today. I am so annoyed with it all. I tried to cut the pattern and made something for someone 5 sizes bigger than me. But I wouldn’t have had enough fabric anyway so it was just as well. I’m annoyed with myself though. I thought I could do it. Ho hum. Maybe time for a change in career direction if I can’t design dresses that fit! Handbags always fit. I like them! The whole point of dress-creating was to find something to wear at my cousin’s wedding on Saturday that went with my pink scarf. I kept the sample and have never had chance to wear it. I was going to make a little bias cut dress from pinky-orange muslin that I have had lying around for YEARS. But alas, it was not to be. I was going to make suffolk puffs to decorate it too. Oh well. After much wardrobe angst, I decided it was easier to make a new scarf to go with an existing dress. Had a few problems persuading this one to work. Cue another work-crisis! I’m pleased with it now.

Yesterday’s refashioning efforts are on Wardrobe Refashion, although I am keeping this amusing mirror shot for here. Yes, this is what my dressing table looks like. It says so much about me!

I also knocked out this little bag from a scrap of vintage deckchair canvas that was in a stash I got from a friend a while back. Such great colours!

2 thoughts on “Frill seeker

  1. That scarf is is so gorgeous! I love the colour combination and the way it hugs the neck. May I ask what fabrics you use? It’s going to look fabulous with the dress.The little bag is great too. The fabric *is* awesome and it’s very summery in look & feel.

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