My sewing machine packed up. It’s been threatening to for a while and I haven’t got round to taking it to the repair shop. I can’t live without it! I have to now, because it really isn’t working. It was only serviced 7 or 8 months ago. I thought it might make a year before keeling over…. Just as well I have got my new industrial, it will be needed. However, it’s still in storage until I sort out space and have the strength to move it down a set of stairs and up another one. Not fun. It’s really heavy!
Fortunately I had mostly finished the bag I am making to go with the scarf (and dress – see yesterday) so things are not too desperate. The bag will just go unlined, and so what. No one will know. Unless of course any of you readers are going to my cousin’s wedding?
I enjoyed the excuse to do some handsewing. More suffolk puffs and more work on the jelly bean piece. I do like handsewing. I have hand-sewn for years, mainly for making my clothing for medieval living history. I have always belonged to groups that believe in doing things properly, so I spent many of my student evenings in front of the TV with a pile of linen on my lap. I really freaked out at flatmate’s boyfriend who had never seen a young woman sewing. I was pleased to be the scary sewing girl. Because of this practice, I can sew pretty damn fast, which freaks out other people too. Some people are easily scared.

Other things I like at the moment: pincushion and Polka dot flickr group

And thanks to rightsidesfacing for the link!

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