Student’s work

Here are some images of the work produced by my handbag-making students in the most recent class. The first session was looking at embellishment techniques- mainly applique and trapunto – inspired by motifs from the Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art at the V&A. Some of the work was very clearly inspired by the gallery, while other work was developed much further away from recognisable motifs. As usual, some of the students were just inspired by the materials available, the techniques or by one of my samples. Either way, I am just glad that all of them took to the ideas and enjoyed what they did. The second session was about bag construction and I was really pleased with how the students took this on board and created some well-finished examples.

I haven’t made much myself – sewing machine is kaput. It will probably take a week before I get it back, as the engineer is on holiday. I had a moment of distress in the shop when I discovered this, but as my car was on double yellow lines, I couldn’t just lie on the floor and howl. I decided that it is purely telling me to get on with the hand-sewn projects. And of course masses of admin. and more admin.
I’ve almost completed the felt shapes on the jelly bean (see yesterday) and next job is to hunt for just the right shade of matt gold sequins. This might be impossible, but I will try! I may end up sanding shiney ones or something crazy. We’ll see. I also have 6 part-made Constellations cushions to embroider, so I shan’t be short of things to do! I can cut pattern pieces for bags, purses, , sew Polonaise fabric, even make up some more Mantua Frill scarves right up to the last stage. But will I? I doubt it. I might sit at the computer and panic about the admin! And now the tax. I had another session on the training course today, looking mainly at tax and national insurance. I know my accounts are in reasonable shape, but there is always more to do and not enough time to do it. So that is all back on my task list! It doesn’t get any smaller, however much work I do!!

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