Crazy pinafore ideas

I’ve started work on a far-too-complicated idea for this month’s Tie One On apron challenge. I am however, determined to make it this time, having failed dismally with last month’s. It was supposed to be a musical-inspired apron, and I eventually came up with Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat (dream-apron!) but never quite got it together to come up with a suitable technicolour dream apron. Most of what I tried turned into a technicolour patchwork nightmare instead. This month is pinafores. I am much happier with this idea and have designed something complicated to make and totally impractical and am very happy so far. Mind you, the skirt plan has led me to spend far too long on the internet trying to find out if someone has posted a rough plan of a Poiret draped skirt. I wont even try to explain this. Something like this picture. I’ll gush about the joys of Poiret some other time!

I think I know how to make a skirt like this, but was hoping someone had done one before and posted a picture of the pattern piece. It’s not difficult, I just wanted to get the angle of the folds right first time. But there is no way around it, I will just have to try it myself.
Many happy hours are spent on this site. It’s like my own little costume museum at home. See if you can find the inspirational dress for Suffolk Puff fixation. It’s pale green satin. Flapper to WWII is my favourite section. Too much lovely stuff!

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