Frills and ruffles

I’ve been away too long! I had a week away, sort of time off, but also working – teaching a couple of handbag-making courses, of which more anon. I’ve been too busy catching up with myself to blog this week, which has been frustrating – and equally it’s being a challenge to catch up on everyone else’s blogs. Still lots to read, which is really nice, but too distracting from everything else to be done.

So what have I done?

Work made and delivered to Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford. Though I would like to send them some more work next week, but I may not have time, if I am honest!
I enjoyed making some of my products out of vintage fabric specially for this show – detail here of Mantua Frill cushion in pretty floral, and a Fat Dragon bag in the same. I used a little piece of an old kimono silk for another Fat Dragon bag. I want to keep this one, it’s so lovely! Likewise this Polonaise scarf using some of a nice old shot-taffetta bedspread. There is plenty more of this lovely lilac and pink stuff, so I think I might pucker some more to make into some kind of garment. Eventually!

Some corsages have gone up to Scotland to be shown at Craft Town Scotland.

Had a lovely few days away in Leicestershire seeing friends including one who’s youngest daughter has recently come through a rare Leukemia and is doing really well now. Just wonderful to see her so well and full of bounce. I didn’t mind being a human climbing frame at all!

Taught two good days of handbag making classes and after that just took it easy, which was really good!

This week is one long admin nightmare, report writing, event organising, sending out mailings, running around like a headless chicken, that sort of thing. It’s two weeks until my first ever trade fair and I haven’t done the masses of stuff I wanted to do in advance, like a press mailing. Invites are ready to go out, when I can get to the shop and exchange the labels I bought for the labels that actually work in my printer. Sigh….
I’ve been chasing silk samples for my new winter colour schemes. I haven’t got my head around Spring yet, but need to do that next week too! I have one last hope for silk supplies. I hope I can get there tomorrow and that they will have everything I need at marvellously low prices. I can dream!

I’ve got a new stockist too – more when that is confirmed and have been selected for the East London Design Show, which takes place in early December. Again, more when I have details. Suffice to say it’s going to be a busy autumn, as I have a few more things up my sleeve to make sure that I don’t get bored (or get any sleep!).

2 thoughts on “Frills and ruffles

  1. i’m looking forward to the shire hall show (had it noted in my diary for ages :)), if the rest is as nice as yours looks, it’s going to be great

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