Dreaming of handbags

Don’t get me wrong, I do love teaching handbag-making classes, but I have now done three in the last eight days and the nearest was 100 miles away, and I am getting a little exhausted with them! I was relieved that this weekend’s was the last this year. However, it was such a success they have asked me back to do another in Dorset in October! Here are some of the results from last week – I’m getting behind on my image-uploading!
The striped one is by one of teenagers and the hessian is by one of the adults. As usual, loads of great stuff produced, and yet more this weekend, which I will show next week.
All this teaching, combined with lots of admin, means that my own creative work is on a back-burner. I do keep having creative and exciting ideas for new designs when I am lying in bed (or in tent, as I was last night!) instead of sleeping. It’s an improvement on worrying about work, but it’s still not helpful when I need to sleep!
I’m really looking forward to getting some creative studio time – but alas, it’s probably going to be a couple of months. I can’t complain too much – lots of exciting things happening. It’s now 2 weeks until the Design Edge trade fair. This week has got to be serious focussing on practical issues such as order forms and press packs, as well as some fun bits like selecting spring season colours. I’m teaching at the V&A all weekend too, so it’s going to be a while before I get another day off. I had one today, exploring some glorious coastline in Dorset, but it was followed by nearly 5 hours driving to come home, via a gallery to pick up work. In the next couple of weeks I also have to write a report and a resource pack for the freelance archive education project I have been running all summer. Once that is out of the way I have to prepare stock for Origin, which is just over a month away! I’m tired just thinking about it!

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