A planning kind of day

I finally got stuck into writing up my business plan today. It’s about time – I have two meetings on Thursday to discuss it! It was strangely enjoyable. I do actually like this kind of thing, and I almost miss my old job sometimes. I was adult education officer at the V&A until just over a year ago. I didn’t get to do a lot of strategy and planning, but when I did, I really enjoyed it. So it was nice to exercise my brain in this direction again. I had another session on my training course last week, which was focussed on cash flow forecasting and it was a great relief to discover that this isn’t anything terrifying at all. Plus of course, I did lots of budget planning when I was employed, so figures don’t scare me. I actually love doing invoicing and filling in my account spreadsheet. I suppose it must be to do with my mathematical genes (my grandfather’s work. No, I don’t understand a word of it).

I’m also pleased with myself for sending out a hundred trade fair invites and Origin leaflets, as well as a load of press releases. There is something scary about sending press releases – we makers seem to live in fear of the scorn of journalists, for some reason. Of course I don’t see the response to my press release, and they are always perfectly nice on the phone! It’s illogical, but apparently quite common to have the fear. I suppose we are so dependent on their liking and featuring our work, that they hold some kind of power over us.

In other news – I have set up a new Flickr group for fabric manipulation, so anyone who does it, please join and put your pictures in!

2 thoughts on “A planning kind of day

  1. Things are moving ahead so nicely for you – congratulations! Keep the momentum going; I can’t wait to see where it leads you. The flickr group is a great idea too. It really is a combination of mathematics, sculpture and architechture that I want to explore more fully.(Have bookmarked your gandfather’s theorem for later mind-bending reading. I may not understand Maths all the time, but I find it incredibly fascinating.)

  2. If you get past the first line of the maths then I am impressed! I’m looking forward to some new stuff appearing on the Flickr group. I find fabric manipulation so interesting and love to see how others (including you!) use it.

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