Full speed ahead

Does my lack of posting convey the manic activity that is going on behind the scenes at RuthSinger.com? Well it should. I spent a hot and sunny weekend at the V&A running a workshop in the garden making magic carpets. Well – pieces of fabric with symmetrical patterns drawn on with fabric pens. It was fun but tiring. Since then I have been doing more fabric-hunting and some of the colour ranges I so confidently posted about the other day have changed slightly, but not too drastically. I’m so pleased with some of the colour combinations (felt samples above) and can’t wait to start cutting into the miles of cloth. However, I am delaying the gratification until I have done all my order forms, price lists and colours charts. Almost done! Fabric cutting will start tomorrow. Ah.

Today I have to go and pick up a lovely vintage pinny / dress I found yesterday but didn’t have enough cash for. I am also hunting a second hand felt hat to reconstruct for Whiplash, but alas, this late bout of summer has sent all the winter hats off the shelves of the charity shops and there none to be found. It’s getting a bit late, I may not achieve this task by the deadline.

4 thoughts on “Full speed ahead

  1. Thanks. I really love the red and white combination. I bought some really thick, top quality red corduroy for it, at vast expense. It was such a relief to see the two layers together and know it works! Just hope red and white stays in fashion…

  2. Aaah, I thought I saw corduroy there. Red and white is such a striking combination that I think it will always attract favourable attention, no matter what fashion dictates. The combination of textures really sets it apart.

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