Happy hat

This cheery person is me, very pleased with myself for finishing my hat for the Whiplash competition. Those taking part have 2 weeks to make something for the monthly theme. This one was hats and gave me lots of trouble. I couldn’t work out what to do, but eventually came up with the plan of buying an old felt hat and cutting a little retro style skullcap from the crown and decorating it with some kind of fabric decorations. I couldn’t find a suitable hat, but found this one and decided it would have to do.

I took off the veil and ribbon and made felt and organza flowers to decorate it with. And I am rather charmed by it, and will be wearing it around town as soon as the weather gets cold enough!

The picture of me is by my lovely friend Amanda, whose photography is behind. She’s a fabulous jeweller too.

I was amused by this picture that I managed to take of myself, before I opted for a much more professional photo!

5 thoughts on “Happy hat

  1. Ruth, you look both fetching and cheeky in your little velvet pillbox. It is quirky and charming and I hope you get to wear it so now and then šŸ™‚

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