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Oh dear. Poor blog (and readers) are neglected. I have been running around like a mad thing since the trade show which finished a week ago. I had to write a project report and prepare and run a training day last week, the moment I got back from the show. It was a bit hard to switch from one type of work to a completely different one. But mission accomplished and the freelance project (which was consultancy on archive education) is now complete. It’s been great but very time consuming and its a relief not to have it hanging over me all the time. The regular pay I will miss though!
I’m now full-on preparation for Origin. I have five more days left, and have less than half the stock I wanted to have ready, so I am working all hours getting it all ready. I will probably have too much, but thats better than too little, right?
Here are some work in progress shots.

Oh – the trade show – well, it was pretty quiet. Well, deathly quiet. Not enough buyers to go around, so when one came down our aisle, we all sat up straight, stopped chatting and lunged at them with cards and samples. It can’t have been very nice for them, and it wasn’t too good for us. In some ways its better not to be inundated with orders I haven’t got a hope of meeting for several months, but its a bit of a shame. Still, I made some excellent contacts, have a few things in negotiation and two orders to sort out in the next few weeks – after Origin!
I’ll be stocking some cushions – Garrick and Constellations– and some neckpieces at Fibre and Clay, a newish shop in Cheshire which sounds fantastic. I’m going to visit in a couple of months when I am up that way. I’ve also got another online shop interested in my recycled work – this range is proving really popular and I am working on ways of expanding and developing it. Well, I’m planning it in my head – it will be a while before I get as far as making anything new!
Back to the steaming sewing machine!

PS More work in progress pictures on Flickr – these ones are mostly finished products in fact, now I think about it!

8 thoughts on “Busy Blogger

  1. Beautiful pictures and beautiful pieces. The blue felt and cream corduroy Constellations is very striking and I like the unexpected combination of dupioni and felt for the dragon bag.Sorry that the show was such a bust. Better luck at Origin!

  2. Ooh, I like your blog Ruth. Your work is original and lovely. And I almost swooned reading your descriptions of Londons fabric shops. I’ve only been to London once, and spent all my time in the V&A (could have stayed for a week!)

  3. Thanks both!I’m really pleased with the blue/cream cushion. Nearly finished the red and white version, and next week I’ll be buying cerise felt. I love mixing the colours!

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