Poiret pinafore

I’ve been working flat out for so long I can hardly remember what time off is! But I have treated myself to a couple of projects for myself, inbetween the cushion-bag-scarf making. I really wanted to get something done for the August / September Tie One On apron-making challenge. It’s nice to have a change from what I normally do, and try out something creative purely for fun!

My first thought was of Victorian girls’ frilly white over-dresses. I simplified this idea with a fitted top-half with empire line waist and curved sleeves. I love anything empire line, though I know this pinafore will make me look heavily pregnant! I decided to cut the skirt so that it drapes at the sides, inspired by Poiret-style skirts of the 1910s. I put pockets in the drapes too, as a pinafore really should be practical! The back is fastened with 2 large dyed-shell buttons I picked up in a vintage shop. The back is open, even though it doesn’t look it in this picture. I cut the armholes deeper than a normal bodice, as this pinafore is designed to be worn over layers. The bodice is lined with an embroidered muslin. The flowery fabric is a vintage print I was given a while back. In this, the pinafore looks very cute. The fabric is a bit too stiff for the drapes to hang quite how I wanted them, so I think the next version will be in a softer fabric. Despite the cuteness of this one, I think this pattern could look very modern in a plain fabric, almost Japanese designer style. I’m thinking of something like a black silk crepe next time, or some of the lovely brown hemp / silk satin I am using for some of my products at the moment. I think I might wear this one, over trousers and a t-shirt. Maybe I should wear it at Origin so any blog readers who visit can instantly recognise me! There are a few more pics on Flickr.

4 thoughts on “Poiret pinafore

  1. That is spectacular. I love it. I want one. no, I can’t afford to have you make me one. 🙂 🙂 I’ll have to figure out something like. I just need some pinafore aprons!

  2. oooh, this is so lovely. i would love to see a picture with you wearing it – pinafore in action, so to speak! super cute printed fabric.

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