This little cutie (may I say so myself!) is my quick and easy effort for the Pincushion Challenge. I had grander plans, but, funnily enough, I haven’t had time to execute them. More exciting pincushions are rattling around in my head, and may well come to light eventually.
The challenge theme was recycling. I thought about using all sorts of materials, including the ring pulls I collect (for reasons yet unknown) and all manner of interesting bits of stuff. I ran out of time completely, despite having 2 months to complete this challenge! So this one is based on my Dragon range, like this bag, this bag and this scarf, and made entirely of recycled fabrics. The main fabric is a scrap of vintage left over from making a skirt (which is now on exhibition) and the scales are felted wool.

Origin set-up day is tomorrow, and I am at last feeling calmer. I have done pretty much all I can do to get ready, and now I just have to let it happen! I have a few pieces to finish off, and some fabric to prepare for more stock, but the vast majority is done. It’s been hard to think past Origin for the last few weeks. It’s such a major point in the development of my business that it really means a lot that it goes well! When I heard that I had been selected for this showcase – the most important event for new makers – I was overjoyed and full of hope and excitement. The practical stuff of getting ready has almost overshadowed the thrill of it all, but I am at last getting time to simply look forward to seeing my pieces on display in an exhibition of the “new craft talent” and “most exciting emerging makers”. I want those statements printed on a t-shirt!
Thanks for all the positive comments over the last few weeks, and I’m really looking forward to meeting some bloggers and readers at Origin.

2 thoughts on “Pincushion

  1. I finally went to Shire Hall today and loved the apple fabric skirt and your dragon bags.Hope Origin goes well for you. I’ve got an invite to the awards thingy and probably ought to go but the lure of getting home at a decent time will probably win out (that sounds terrible, doesn’t it? they really shouldn’t send invites to curators). Good luck, anyway 🙂

  2. Hi Ruth – thanks for leaving a comment on my blog 🙂 Best of luck at the show, and I’ll definitely come by your stand to say hello if you’re around.

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