Dragon Cuff


I’m in the midst of house / studio moving but gave myself a little treat time to make this cuff for Whiplash October accessories competition. It is yet another thing in my favourite style, with felted scales in the seams, like the pincushion I did a couple of weeks ago, and an ever-expanding range of accessories that I sell like this, this and this.

This cuff / sleeve is designed to fit on the upper arm. The idea was inspired by the Whiplash info suggesting making an accessory to hide bits you don’t like! Having said that, the photo of it is on a lower arm -there simply isn’t time at the moment for serious photo styling!

The entry is for the design category.

4 thoughts on “Dragon Cuff

  1. God DAMN that’s awesome!! I LOVE that. I think the design combined with the fabric choice is especially incongruously amusing 😀 I think the world would be a better place with dragon cuffs on every arm.Mine is not going to be finished on time (and _I_ think I also had a really great idea. Oh well.) so it will be shown in a few days’ time.

  2. thanks all!I’m pleased with it. I didn’t quite mean to make it so pink & cute, but that fabric was at the top of the pile; the leftovers from the pinafore. I need to adjust the pattern and then make lots more!

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