Preview (projects and life)

This is a little taster for something that I have just made – this photo shows a work in progress, and all going well, I will show you the whole thing before long. This is a little work project that I have had to squeeze in between packing and sorting and organising my move.

I’m shifting my home and my studio 165 miles north, from the south coast to the midlands. For those of you that live in big countries that probably doesn’t sound much, but it is a pretty major move. I’ve lived in the south east (in or near London) for 9 years and I am going back to where I grew up, which is kind of strange but comforting at the same time.

It’s an awful lot of work and stress, but hopefully life will be calmer once it’s done. I will have a proper, permanent, heated workspace and a more spacious, comfortable, sociable and affordable homespace. I’ll also be nearer my family and some very dear friends (and two fabulous little girls!). I am just not looking forward to getting my worldly goods into a van. It’s hard enough getting them into a flat!

I’m looking forward to making new networks in the midlands, and enjoying the proximity to some beautiful countryside, fabulous food, family and friends. And getting started on new work once my studio is set up, with my industrial sewing machine and lots and lots of storage space for the fabric stash which seems to be growing on it’s own.

2 thoughts on “Preview (projects and life)

  1. hope the move goes well, trust me the Midlands is just fine, honestly. Still feels a little alien to me but after 9 years I can speak highly of the network.Good luck with that packing!

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