Words (and pictures)

I’ve been enjoying some good press recently, and sharing the magic where I can.
I wrote my first post for Whip Up last week on my favourite stuff from Origin week one. I’m working on a post for week two and enjoying the excuse to look at some nice websites. My angle is looking at British makers using traditional techniques and unusual materials. I’m looking forward to researching and writing some more when I get a little more time. I used to do a lot of research and writing for my old job, and it’s nice to stretch the brain in that direction again, even if it’s only short stuff. I have also got a list of magazine articles to write, and the deadlines are starting to loom a bit. They are high up on my list post-move.
So as for me and my press, my Doublet cushions were featured in Greener Living, a new eco-mag that is just starting up. Then the lovely Karin Eriksson, whom I was delighted to meet at Origin, also blogged me on Whip Up! A little bit of googling turned up a snippet in a Brighton local magazine about me, which I didn’t even know had been printed. They asked for submissions ages ago, I sent stuff and forgot all about it. Apparently it was in a mid-September issue. (if you want to look, follow this link, find Issue 287 and trawl to p.37, it’s a nice feature, I wrote it myself!). It seems a local fashion designer read this, and was interested in talking to me about a collaboration. So it was well worth it! I’m really keen to pursue collaborations with companies who are bigger than me, especially those who are working ethically and sustainably. I hope I’ll bring you more on this soon.

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