I have just cancelled a day out in London visiting exhibitions and meeting friends. This is seriously boring, but I have too much packing, working and sorting to do before I move in 48 hours time. I now feel like I have a free day in which to make myself something lovely and lounge around with DVDs. Fortunately 99% of my fabric stash is packed into boxes and I have given away the sofa, so I can’t do either of those things. I shall have to pack.
One thing I wont have to pack is this blanket which I finally finished and gave to the mum-to-be a couple of days ago. I’ve been knitting this for months and wanted to get it done to hand over before I move and avoid having to post it back! I’m really pleased with it (and so are the recipients – it matches the buggy, apparently!) The pattern is from Stitch and Bitch and the yarn is a lovely soft cotton.
No more excuses, back to the boxes!

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