Everything changes

I am at last in my new home, new studio, and frankly, quite new life. The move was as bad, if not worse, than expected. It took a huge van, two days and about 7 people. Still, it’s over now, and I am settling in fine.
I am thoroughly enjoying having a proper studio out of the house again. I’ve been enjoying unpacking all my fabric and bits and sorting them out in new tidy piles. It’s always interesting to unpack half-finished projects and ideas, many of them pre-dating my starting in the textile business. On the whole these things were experimental ideas and I can see why they never got finished. But what to do with them? It’s so hard to throw out (or recycle) something you spent hours and hours on, a few years ago.
I tried to take pictures of the new studio, the other day, but I realised that although I had mostly unpacked, I hadn’t actually tidied and there were small piles of random things all over the place. Stacks of unfinished projects, empty bobbins, lampshade frames, quilt wadding, shoe boxes of stuff (what is in all those boxes??) and packaging. Combine that with the work in progress and it’s a whole heap of fabric-related mess. I had to hit the ground running, and was a day behind because the moving took so long. I am pleased with my fabric stacks though. I want to colour co-ordinate them, or maybe divide them by type – vintage & recycled separate from new, as they are generally used for different collections. Alas, no time for that as I am super busy preparing for exhibitions and various other things.

I went over to Stafford to see my work in Material Girls

and wrote instructions in making two pincushions for an American craft book.

This one is the sneak peek I showed a while ago. The other is the one from a few weeks back, for pincushion challenge. I was really pleased that they went for these two pincushions and just sent them off to the other side of the world to be photographed!

I also send out work to Artsway, Artworks-MK and Platform Gallery for their Christmas shows and shops and have several more to sort out in the next week. I’ve been stitching like mad t0 keep up stock levels as everything seems to be out at once. Here are some Dragon Scarves in lovely vintage wools waiting to be packed up and sent out.They are sitting atop a constellations cushion in white felt and furry red cord. I made a couple more of these today. They take ages, but are so satisfying. I love the colour contrasts and the fact that they are all hand-cut.

I seem to have posted a weeks worth of stuff today, so I’ll be back when I have something else to say or show!

2 thoughts on “Everything changes

  1. I just realised the pincushion, in a smaller size would make a great brooch too! I hope you like your new home, and are starting to feel a little bit at home already! I moved to many times in my life already 🙂

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