The 11th already?

ak, someone stole the first 11 days of the year. And no, it wasn’t just a bad hangover. I was back at my desk by lunchtime on New Year’s Day and the year has definitely continued much as it started. I’ve started the Bilston residency and I’m about to go off to Top Drawer, the first major trade show of the year, and the biggest I’ve done yet. It’s been an epic adventure getting ready for it, while spending half the week in Bilston.

Introducing Betty and Amelia.

These should be cat names, but in fact are corsage names. Just a couple of the new things launching at Top Drawer. I’ve had two pieces of work selected for the feature area too, so I am hoping for good things from this show. Once the show is over, I hope to have some time to catch up with blogging, talking to real-life friends, sleeping and eating.

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