The New Studio

This is the room I am working in. Already it looks like mine. Fabric strewn everywhere!
I spent a very enjoyable day at Bantock House, wondering around, drawing and absorbing ideas and inspiration. I started working with some leaves from the grounds, making templates and thinking about how to use the shapes in fabric. This is just a snap of an idea I am considering.

I ran my first workshops of the project this Tuesday. I taught a lovely group of ladies from St Leonard’s Church craft group how to make corsages, and I hope they will be back soon to try some more ideas. In the evening I ran the first session of a series for Bilston YWCA, looking at re-fashioning old clothes into something new. Jennifer will be running a parallel session for another YWCA next week, and the two of us will join together for the 3rd and 4th week.

I’m developing some ideas for working with schools in the next few weeks, and have started planning an open day/ drop-in workshop on 27th January, when we will be making soft toys. So there is lots on, and I hope to have some more images for the next post.

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