Top Drawer – Top Show

I’m amazed at how much more relaxed I feel now Top Drawer is done. It was exhausting and stressful but I got such a lot out of it, that I don’t really mind being totally worn out now! Having said that, I’ve been hoping to have a bit of a break afterwards, but not a chance – still loads going on and not much sign of an end in sight just yet.

So here is my stand and a close up of the table display. I was aiming for a quirky, colourful and lively display. I wonder if it looks too much like a jumble. I am still working on both practical and aesthetic display methods. This display certainly worked much better than my too-plain attempt at my first show, but the effort involved really makes a difference. The simple stand, where I hired rails and shelves, took me an hour to set up. This one took five hours, and still looks a bit basic. I had lots of constructive criticism and thought long and hard about it. I changed the table display on the last day – I took off the cake stand of corsages and the tea cosy, and some of the purses. I changed the neckpiece to a black one and brought it forward, and it worked at catching the eye of people passing. Next time the neckpiece really needs to stand out. I also rearranged the cushions regularly! On the plus side, the cushions hung on chains worked really well, as did the coat-stand with the bags on it. (This was just as well as buying the damn thing turned into a massive nightmare involving driving via Birmingham to pick it up, and discovering I would have to order it for collection in London. Just as well I was going to London, but it was interesting getting it around on the Tube…).

I was really pleased to have finished the three manipulated fabric panels you can see on the back of the stand. No-one noticed them unless I pointed them out. Someone else thought they were just for display rather than for sale. So some work to do there! Having said that, they were very much admired, so were heading in the right direction at least.

I was really excited to have had two of my pieces selected for the feature area, organised and selected by Inside Out Magazine. I was so pleased to see my neckpiece and my Garrick cushion sitting in the trees!

After it was all over, I treated myself to this lovely little cup from Rachel Barker ceramics. I saw one in a shop the other week and was sorely tempted. I had my first use of it today when I completed my tax return!

I’ve got loads more going on, but perhaps I’ll spread it out into a few posts, should I miraculously get time!

I’m at Bilston again for a few days this week, so that one may get updated sooner than this.

2 thoughts on “Top Drawer – Top Show

  1. Thanks for this post its a great insight into what its like to exhibit at these events. As a new business there’s so much to learn and I’m delighted that your sharing some of your thoughts and experiences. Also I love your work its very beautiful

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