DANGER Designer at work

Yes, its true, and its a great novelty. I actually had time to do some designing. Calling myself a designer-maker sometimes seems laughable, as I often spend my time doing marketing, teaching, learning and selling, but somehow very little making. The last two weeks have been a bit of a blur – lots of the teaching stuff, with quite a hefty chunk of travelling involved. I had a great few days in London last weekend visiting Collect, which was good – short of textiles as always, but some amazing jewellery, teaching cushion-making, meeting her, having dinner here, visiting Pure – a very inspiring fashion trade show and going to this seminar. And then a mere 36 hours later was back teaching here, visiting London Fashion Week (where Enamore were exhibiting and showing my new range of corsages) and Clerkenwell Dressed , which I didn’t get into this time round, but it was useful to see who did and how it looked. Some fantastic stuff.

Then I had a couple of days at Bilston and finally back home. For a couple of days. The shows really were interesting, and have given me food for thought. I really want to review them all, but alas, time at my desk is so limited at the moment, it wont be happening in a hurry.

Thanks for your birthday wishes. I had a great day – haircut, lunch, walk in the woods and NO WORK. I got lovely things including the Amy Butler book, more Northern Exposure to keep me quiet when I am at home, a stunning piece of fabric (see later), the catalogue for Collect, and one of these. Wow! I like this birthday thing.

The Amy Butler book is so lovely. I don’t really need a how-to projects book (seeing as I plan to write several!) but I wanted it anyway. I plan to make the kimono at some point, so I will actually use it.
First though, I have to make some this with the wonderful velvet. I think it’s going to be a long tunic top with the plain velvet as the bodice and the cutwork as the skirt.

I’m hoping to start the DVDs tonight and have been whizzing about all over the place on the marvellous and wonderful bike. Thanks lovely family!! I am very happy and will soon have thighs of steel.

Oh yes, I mentioned that I’d been doing some work…. I finally got stuck into pattern-cutting for the virtually-impossible-in-the-time-available designs for my exhibition at the end of the residency. Sneak preview of one of the pieces.

Let me know what you think

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