Forward planning

I’m thinking about the future. About April to be precise. Five weeks away. That’s when the residency and the training course in London will both have finished. I’m loving both and getting so much out of them, but I am really looking forward to having some time for other things, including taking some time off. I’ve got no shortage of new and ongoing projects to get on with, but mostly they will involve time in my studio and home.

I’m starting a list of things I want to do for myself in April and beyond, some of which I am sharing with you, in no particular order:

Paint my bedroom. It’s lime green. I have bought ever so slightly off-white paint. Eco paint of course, from Ecos. I am a rather colourful person, so going for white is a radical choice for me. I really feel the need for the calmness I hope the white will encourage.

Go to Compton Verney, particularly to see their English folk art collection. I am really charmed and fascinated by folk art and want to see what creative routes it might take me.

Go to the Hub. I don’t need to explain why do I?

Go to Horncastle in Lincolnshire which is the junk shop capital of the UK. No need to explain that either really.

Catch up on my magazine subscriptions which I never have time to look at – including Selvedge, World of Interiors, Elle Deco and Vogue. I get really excited when they come and rarely get past the first 5 pages.

Knit. I’ve got a few things on the go – one for home and one for the train. I am carefully working my way through my stash and not buying anything new. I got this book for Christmas in order to help this plan.

Make myself some clothes. I have got loads of stalled projects and ideas. Time for a new summer wardrobe.

See my friends.

Stay at home.


Roll on Spring.

One thought on “Forward planning

  1. we went to both the Hub and Horncastle on holiday last year.I was actually a bit less impressed with Horncastle than I had hoped – we started off in a gorgeous church-converted-to-antique-shop and everything was way overpriced. But further up town there was the most amazing place with junk just piled up so deep it was really hard to walk round. Plates stacked 5 deep. Pans wobbly balanced on cupboards. And there was a gorgeous vintage dress shop that also sold yarn…And the Hub is lovely. Not as big as the hype but that’s a good thing.

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