How much does a plumber charge?

Thanks for all your comments on pricing! Things are hotting up over here. I just thought this afternoon that one answer to all the pricing questions (that all us makers get) is this –

how much would you expect to pay a plumber? or any other skilled professional whose work takes time and expertise? Quite a bit I expect.

Designing and making things is the same, if you are a professional, you charge professional fees. This issue is particularly bad with textiles, as it is still seen as ‘not a proper art’, unlike say, ceramics or glass. This is because it’s percieved as women’s work. I wont lecture here, even though this is a favourite topic of mine! (I don’t teach for free, as we established a couple of days ago!!) Here are some links to look at on this. Read this book and this essay for starters.

Let me know what you think

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