I’m still here….

Or there. Not enough time in either place really. I’m frantically sewing things up for my residency exhibition which opens in nine days, most of which I have other plans for. I’m churning out applications for more work and projects once this residency is over with, plus I’ve been finishing off things for a book proposal. Did I mention that already? I’m not sure anymore. I was asked a few months back to write a book about soft furnishings, and I’ve been working on the synopsis and draft articles ready for the London Book Fair in April. It’s really exciting, but not worth shouting about too much until the publishers find an American partner and the contract is signed!

In the midst of all that, I have been thinking about teaching and the direction I want the teaching side of my work to go. I’ve been very reactive – doing workshops when people ask me, and occasionally chasing specific things, but not with any formal plan. I’m working on this quite intensively as a result of the residency and also I have started doing for a training course on working with schools. I went on session about working with Creative Partnerships as well, and I’m getting into the idea of working very creatively in formal education settings.
In the last two weeks I’ve gone on a complete about-turn on whether I want to work with schools in the long term. I didn’t think I did, then I did two sessions that went really well and I changed my mind! I’m still undecided but I’m certainly going to pursue more opportunities and see how things develop, and try and formulate a proper plan about where I am heading. Lots more on this to come….

Meanwhile, at the sewing machine, I completed this jacket for a friend last week and finally delivered it. She has been very, very patient. It’s from Vogue pattern 8301 and involved quite a lot of fitting and swearing (on my part at least).
The skirt it’s shown with is in fact an apron which I haven’t quite finished, but hopefully will do in time for the residency showcase next week. I’m rather pleased with it, I must say. Another in the same shape in progress, but with much more complex trapunto decoration. The draped sides are much the same idea as this apron from a few months back, and are something I worked out myself from studying 1910s clothing (and absolutely love!).

5 thoughts on “I’m still here….

  1. Hi, just thought that i’d enter your velvety virtual wonderland……which sounded less rude in my head……to say a) I love your jacket and b) I can see you being very successful teaching craft in schools.Imagine their shiny little faces as they look up to you, their guru, as you teach them “the way of the insidious fabric”.Sorry not to have commented before. It’s scary in here and I was afraid i’d be asked questions on cross stitch or knitting.Personally, I’m craft-challenged. Tallulah won’t let me use the adult scissors since “the incident”

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