Exhibition opens!

My exhibition has opened – read all about it and see more images here.
I’m so relieved to have it completed and open. I haven’t managed to get all the pieces photographed as it was dark by the time we had finished setting up, but there are a few more here.

I’ve got three more workshops to run on this project then I can have a little break, and catch up with myself.
I’ve got new things in the pipeline including an exhibition at Hove Museum a trade fair, a selling show and a showcase. The latter is a showcase following on from the training course I have been attending for the last 9 months and should be a great place to experiment with some new display ideas, and to show some of the work from this residency. I don’t know quite why I thought I would get a rest after this residency – it looks to me like I have a lot to keep me busy!

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