I’ve felt all relaxed for a week since the exhibition opened, and taken things a bit more easy than I have been. Not surprisingly, my task list has continued to lengthen and Update Blog has slid further down. I’ve got a lot to say, but no desire to stay up half the night to say it. So just a little post & pic to keep you going.

I’ve been in the studio, doing some sewing, including a few of these cuffs, which I am trying to get decent photographs of in the hope of a slot in a magazine later in the summer. I’m launching a small wedding collection in June so this would be perfect timing. Cuffs are not an easy thing to photograph though, and I’m not exactly happy with this pic of my red knuckles! Let’s try reader’s choice. Which is best composition among this lacklustre bunch? I’ll re-shoot when time and light allows, but just not sure on the best way to try them.

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